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Welcome to the Scars to Stars podcast, where we share

stories of resilience and hope. 


Your host, Deana Brown Mitchell is the founder of the

Realize Foundation whose mission is to reduce the number of humans

who struggle with suicidal ideation by creating a world where having

the conversation becomes commonplace.


Like many, she kept silent about her own struggles with

mental health for 23 years due to shame and stigma. It wasn't until she lost a

friend to suicide that Deana realized the power of sharing our stories. 

 In this podcast, we invite guests who have overcome

adversity to share their journey and provide a safe space for vulnerability and

openness. Our goal is to let other silent humans know that they are not alone

and that there is always hope.

Whether you are struggling with your mental

health or simply feeling alone, this podcast is for you.

  Come join our community and let's inspire each other to turn our Scars to Stars.

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